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:: Travel And Tour Europe: Sep 2012 Issue ::
Country Focus – Belgium:

A temptation for lovers, an extravagance of kings and today, a favorite sweet for everyone, Belgian Chocolate has its unparalleled zest.

Cityscape – Bruges:

Crowned as a UNESCO World Heritage site (The Historic City Centre) in 2000, Bruges serves the best of tourists’ delights that any European city can offer.

Cityscape – Zurich:

As a lakeside metropolis with views of the snow-covered Alps, Zürich offers a unique blend of adventure, nature, and culture.

MICE- Croatia:

Croatia’s appeal as the ideal backdrop for MICE has lured business travellers from all around the globe.

MICE- Milan:

An unmatched charm, an essence of exquisite luxury and an exciting array of cultural pursuits as well as a world of refined pleasures wait to be discovered in the city of surreal serenity.

Xclusive - Uncommon Safaris of Europe:

Travel and Tour Europe looks into five of the best safaris in Europe, which would definitely not fail to bestow you with an experience of a lifetime.

Special Feature - Top 4 Luxury Hotels of Europe:

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, take a look at some of its fascinating abodes to enjoy a quintessential European holiday.

Show Highlight:

IT&CM, The Hotel Show, KITF, MITF, CroTOUR and COTTM have been featured in Show-Highlight section. Other than these, get an extensive information on Arabian Travel Market (ATM) through an exclusive interview of Mr. Mark Walsh, Portfolio Director, Reed Travel Exhibitions.

Show Review:

ITB Berlin and Meetings Africa 2012, the two exclusive travel events in Berlin and Australia have been featured in Show Review section.

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